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Licensing Posted on 21 Sep 12:35

No license of the performance rights is implied or included.
I don't sell licenses.
I only offer my backing tracks based on the original songs.
Think of me as the band playing the music anytime you need.

Are tracks available in other key than the original? Posted on 4 Jan 19:00

Unfortunately no. So far I'm only offering tracks in their original key.

By the way, there are no backing vocals or lyrics included on any of my backing tracks.

How it works? Posted on 25 May 17:33

The process is fast and easy. 

Look for the instrumental tracks you need using the catalog or the search box above, and then make your payment safely through PayPal.

After payment is made you will get an email with an instant download link of your mp3 files.
Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

Custom tracks Posted on 25 May 17:33

I do produce custom made backing tracks (Broadway related, of course) starting at $50-60 dollars per minute of produced music.
That means that a 3 minutes length song would cost $150-180, and so on.

Feel free to contact me to check availability and get an estimate.

Please notice that new tracks will be added to my regular catalog.

Myth Posted on 25 May 17:33

Here is a question I have heard often: "Can you take off the lead voice from any song?"
The answer is NO.

So far there is no such a magical software or hardware which can do that, no matter what you have heard or read on the internet.
If that were truth, me and many other people would have backing tracks of any song in the world and, even worst, I couldn’t do this for a living!

This is a very slow work consisting on recreating the original song recording one by one each instrument, most of them virtually from a keyboard, as close as possible to the original song.

Refunds Posted on 25 May 17:33

The only situation where I can offer you a refund is when you paid twice for the same backing track.
Otherwise, once you ordered a file you will automatically get a link to download it.